Aid for Liberian Refugees

On previous pages I have talked about Africa’s forgotten refugees — the Liberian refugees of Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. My wife was one of these refugees and as a result I feel very close to these people.

This is why I decided to completely dedicate this site to these people and their plight. I am also pointing-out resources on the internet that seeks to aid these refugees. One of the main ones is the Celtnet website where almost all the site's income goes to these peoples’ aid.

Most specifically any money I make goes to educating the children of these refugees now that the UN school in Dakar has closed. How can you help? Well, you can go to One Million People and donate just $1 or $0.50  to the cause. This gives you the opportunity to add your image, profile and website URL to the ‘one million people‘ campaign page. Remember that 50c may not seem like much to you but if enough people donate this small amount it soon mounts into enough to build a school and provide teachers and materials. That’s everyone who donates is featured on this site. (If you want to see what a feature page looks like, click here) . Just make a donation and you can have a profile page just like this and you will be listed on the main contributors pages. 

You can also help by looking at the Celtnet eBooks Store … If you make a purchase from this store then all proceeds go to the refugees (and eBooks start from only $0.49! You can also have a look through the Celtnet ClickBank marketplace. If you make a purchase from here then up to 70% of the proceeds will go to the charity.

If you have a Blog or Website then you can include ClickBank Ads or RSS feeds in your website. These Ads include your ClickBank affiliate ID and you make 92% of any income from the ads (this is usually $20 to $120) per sale. A random 8% of the products on offer are assigned with the Celtnet ClickBank affiliate ID and the profits from these sales all go to the refugee campaign. 

If you want to know how to get the most from your own website then you might consider the Maximize Your Web Traffic eBook. This helps you make the most of your website and its traffic and all profits, once again, go to supporting the Liberian Refugees of Senegal.

Of course, if you don’t actively want to donate then why not go to the Celtnet West African recipes page. Here you will find recipes from each and every country in West Africa, including Recipes from Senegal and Recipes from Liberia.  Have a look at the recipes and see if there is something of interest to you. Remember that many of these recipes are provided by the Liberian refugees themselves.

If you can then find your way to clicking on an ad on these pages (just one, please) then the money earned will, once again, go towards the refugees. Thanks for listening and I hope that you will contribute to these campaigns… A little effort on your part can make a huge difference to someone else's life.