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Raise Money for Liberian Refugees in Senegal

The title here is a bit of a misnomer; I’m not seeking aid for the whole of Africa. Rather, I want to improve the lives of Africa’s forgotten refugees. Those Liberians who escaped the civil wars of Liberia and Sierra Leone between 1999 and 2003 and who made their way through the length of West Africa to find themselves in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.

I was introduced to these people through my wife, Stefan who was one of these refugees. Her tales of her plight during her flight are truly harrowing and I’m not going to post them here. The truth is that most of these refugees are women and they have  suffered terribly over the years. Now they are stateless and stuck in Senegal; English speakers in a French-speaking country. They have few rights and almost no way of making any money as they do not have any official status in the country. The UN, having other conflicts and refugees to look after is basically leaving them to their own devices and the mercies of the Senegalese state. Last year the UN school in Dakar closed and without education (they cannot afford the Senegalese education system) the refugees’ children have no future. Because of my wife I have come to know these people and what they want more than anything is to give their children a future. It his because of this that I would like to bring to your attention the Celtnet  website, which has been converted into a way of earning money for the Liberian refugees’ children’s education.

It takes just over $1000 to educate one child for a year. The Celtnet site is dedicated to raising money for this purpose and it has just started the One Million People campaign to get everyone who visits the site to donate just 50-cents via PayPal to the cause. For this you get to upload your profile and your web page URL to the site. This goes live instantly and your URL is SEO friendly so you get back-links. Basically the site's allowing you to tell the entire world about yourself as a ‘thank you’ for your donation. And if you think that a 50-cent donation isn’t much. Well it isn’t on an individual level, but if enough people donate just that amount to the One Million People Campaign it soon mounts up. It may not be much to you, but together we can use that to change a child’s life forever. Even if you don’t feel like you can donate, you can still make a difference:

The site also has a large section of African Recipes (the largest on the internet in fact) and this includes recipes from each and every region and country in Africa. Please visit these pages and help by visiting just one of the site’s sponsors. The income generated this way all goes towards the campaign. If you have a website or Blog you can also help the campaign by helping yourself.

How? You may ask, well... The Celtnet site offers free ClickBank-Based Ads for your website or Blog  (the RSS feed for this is on the right of this page). These plug into ClickBank, the web’s largest provider of electronic products. These products are all sold on a commission basis. If you make a sale you generally get up to 70% of the sale price (usually between $20 and $120). If you put these ads on your site you get 92% of the sales and the other 8% goes to the One Million People campaign. The more of these ads that are placed on the web, the more the campaign recieves. Just remember that the ads are completely free for you to create and place on your website and they will give you a nice income!

There is also another way you can help… Do you have a penchant for writing? Can you write a short article? If you can then go to Celtnet Articles and create an account for yourself (it’s a two minute sign-up process) then write and submit an article. The more articles the site has, the more money it can make for this campaign through advertising. Just remember if the topic you want to write about isn’t there just drop them a line (there’s a contact form) and they promise create that category for you. Of course, you get to increase your web profile and each article written gets you more links for your site.

Throughout this site I'm going to provide you with tips as to how you can make money from the internet whilst also helping these Liberian refugees give their children the chance of a better future.