Why You Need to Write Articles

Article writing is a critical component of any web-based business, whether you're a single individual with a passion for the internet, wanting to make a little more income on the site or whether you run a huge internet site.

Every website needs content and the richer that content the better it is for your site. Search engines love fresh good quality content and your site's readers also like fresh, good content.

So it's good for your site in terms of providing you with excellent content. But it's also good for your site in other ways.

If you're on the web then you probably know that getting lots of links to your site is by far the best way of increasing your site's rankings in the search engines. But did you also know that the link anchor text (the little piece of text describing what the link is about) also defines how the search engines think of your site and what they think your site is all about. So if you can get lots of in-bound links where you define the anchor text of the link this is the best you can do to boost your site's search rankings.

But where can you simply get such links? Well, the answer is to write articles! There are website owners out there and eZine publishers who are crying out for fresh content for their publications. As a result a whole host of websites have sprung up allowing authors to submit their articles to them. These sites typically allow the author to include up to 3 live links with their articles. These links can all lead back to your own website and you define the 'link text' for them.

This means that every article you write and submit can have 3 links back to your own website. Even if you only write and submit 3 articles every week that's 9 links per week, almost 500 links in a year! And this is without other people taking your article from the article repository site and publishing it along with your links so you end-up with lots more links than you started with.

Articles also allow you to gain a reputation, to be known as an expert in your own field. It makes your name and your brand known.

For these reasons anyone and everyone with a website should be writing more articles. Of course, article directories aren't providing their services out of the kindness of their hearts. They get lots of great content from the articles they submit and this means that they can sell advertising and make money from that advertising.

Which is why I'd like to introduce the Celtnet Articles site to you. This site is an article submission site, but with two differences. New articles are approved and added every evening, meaning a very quick turn-around for article submissions. Each evening the new articles are also published and pinged to major repositories via RSS feeds so your articles get very wide exposure.

In addition, all the income generated from this site goes towards supporting the <a href="http://www.celtnet.org.uk/info/one-million-people.php">One Million People campaign</a> campaign and is included in the campaign's earnings to help educate the children of Liberian refugees in Senegal.

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So, help yourself, help your website and help the refugees at the same time. Submit your articles to the  Celtnet Articles site.