Monetize your Site with ClickBank


Did you notice the header of this page? Notice the ads there?

No, they're not Google ads or any other ad system. They're ads based on the ClickBank marketplace of products. ClickBank is a repository for electronic products. Products that you can pay for and download instantly.

They have over 10 000 products in their catalogue and are adding new ones almost daily. This catalogue is a great boon for internet marketers in that they allow you to promote those products and gain between 50% and 70% of any sales made.

You just go to ClickBank, sign-up as an afiliate and get your affiliate ID (known as a 'nickname') in ClickBank parlance and then you can start promoting products and earning affiliate income.

Except that it's not that simple or easy (it never is, is it?). As a system ClickBank is designed for allowing potential affiliates (those who market the products) to get information about products that they can promote as supplied by vendors (those who created the products) on a more or less individual basis.

The information about the products tend to be specific to how well those products perform for affiliates. How much money you get and how few returns there are. Which is great if you want to learn about a product, but completely useful if you want to sell that product on. Even worse you have to gather each product individually and then write a sales page or sales pitch about it. And you have to do that for each and every product you're interested in.

So, what has this to do with the ads at the head of this page? Well, someone's done all the hard work for you! At the Celtnet ClickBank Marketplace the entire ClickBank marketplace has been loaded into a database... But, in addition, the titles and descriptions have been extended and edited by humans.

You can use the Celtnet ClickBank Marketplace to search for products in the ClickBank marketplace and the system will even generate your affiliate URL (called a 'hoplink' in ClickBank terms) for you. So all you need to do is copy and paste. Not only can you find the products you would like to promote, but you get the code to promote them made for you.

If you're even lazier than this and want to promote a whole slew of ClickBank product at once then you don't have to fear. The clever people at Celtnet have produced a system where you can create your own ads, just like Google's AdSense ads, but populated with ClickBank products. These are the ads shown at the top of this page. Basically you decide the format, appearance and colour of the ads and you get a single line of code produced. Copy and paste this into your website and the ads go live.

You can also create ads with pictures. Or, if you want you can also get ads that are an RSS feed so that you can mix them with Google ads with no problem.

I'll take you though a few examples.

To get ads on this page just create 546 x 100 pixel size ads from the Celtnet ClickBank Ads page. Now select a 'Custom HYML' unit from the weebly tools and paste-in the code from Celtnet. Make the whole thing live and ClickBank ads will magically appear, just as they have here!

If you have a website that also has Google ads then grab the ClickBank RSS Feed Ads from Celtnet. Take the code produced there and go to RSS Feed Lite to create an RSS to JavaScript converter. Paste the RSS feed code into their JavaScript engine and you will get a snippet of JavaScript back. Copy this into your website and you will get the ads displayed as a banner down the side of you page, just as here. And because all you've done is to integrate an RSS feed with your site you're not breaking Google's terms of service. Even better for you as a publisher or internet marketer, these ads work perfectly on hubpages (here's an example of Using these Ads) and Squidoo (see how ClcikBank Ads integrate into Squidoo here)

Even better, for any purchase made through your ClickBank ID you normally get between $20 and $100 in commission (much more than you'd get from AdSense!). So this is a really worthwhile system for monetizing your site.

But why is it on this website? I hear you ask...

Well, a random 8% of all the ads appearing are assigned to Celtnet's ClickBank ID rather than yours. Any sales made through these ads go to support Celtnet's One Million People campaign. The campaign that's supported through this website. You can learn more about how ClickBank Ads help Liberian Refugees adt the Help Stefan Campaign Blog.

This still means that 92% of all sales get paid to you in your own ClickBank account! (Just remember that all Celtnet's competitors in this area are taking a 15% or even a 20% cut from their ads and they don't hand annotate the ads. So you're getting a bargain here).

Also, the Celtnet ClickBank Ads site allows any website no matter its size or popularity to display the ads and there's no sign-up process so the tool is free for anyone to use and deploy. This really is meant to make the lives of webmasters easier, whilst also earning residual income for charity.