The Liberian Refugees of Sénégal

The Liberian refugees of Senegal are, in many ways, the forgotten refugees of West Africa. They were originally displaced by the second Liberian civil war of 1999 to 2003 and many found themselves caught-up in the civil war of neighbouring Sierra Leone (2001 to 2002). The survivors, many of them women, made their way through Guinea and Senegal to the refugee camps of The Gambia. From there some made their way to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

For a long time the United Nations helped support them, but in 2007 the United Nations withdrew much of their support for these people. The school that the UN was funding in Dakar was closed and much of the support for the people was also removed.

As refugees these people have no rights in Senegal and they are English-speakers in a French-speaking country and Christians in a Moslem conutry. As such they cannot find  jobs and are stuck in a cycle of poverty, unless they can marry. Their children have no schooling and they cannot gain a future for themselves. 

This is where the Celtnet website comes in. All the income from the site goes towards providing a school for the Liberian refugees’ children so that they can gain a future for themselves. How can you help? Go to: One Million People and donate $1 or $0.50 to the cause. You can become one of the ‘one million people’ and for your donation you can upload an image and a profile of yourself, as well as providing an URL to any site you chose which you can make live.

You can also go to African Recipes, have a look through the recipes here (many of which have been provided by Liberian refugees) then just click on one ad on that page. Any income gained from this goes to the refugees.You could go to The Recipes of Africa eBook and for a donation of only $10 you will get an 800+ page cookery book with recipes in it from each and every country on the continent of Africa. 

These people are not looking for hand-outs, but I do want to help them and I can only do that through your support. For just 50c you really can make a difference, so please go to  One Million People, make your donation and add your name to the roll call of the ‘one million people’ who are contributing to give the children of the Liberian refugees of Senegal an education.