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The Continent of Europe and European Recipes Links

As part of this site's attempt to bring together links o recipe lists for each and every country in the world (Africa has already been covered) I'm adding Europe to the country list. Here you will find every country in the continent of Europe as well as links to recipe collections for those countries.

Europe is a large and populous continent, and with the France, Italy and Spain it's home to three of the world's truly great cuisines. As a result the range of foods available in Europe is quite staggering. Especially when you consider European history from ancient times to the present. And, as more Archaeology has been done on the European past than almost anywhere we know a lot about ancient cookery and Iron Age cookery from Europe than anywhere else. There are also written records and recipes from the Roman period right through to the modern day. So, historically, we also know more about the origins and evolution of European food that elsewhere.

Also, as much of South-Eastern Europe was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire the traditional foods of Europe area as varied as its cultures. All the more so, given Europe's role in the Exploration of the world (and if you would like to know more about this read the history of the spice trade and the spread of chillies to the old world.

Below you will find the links to European recipes sites (Note that the UN splits Europe into four regions and you also have the historical region of Central Europe):

European Recipes, General

     Northern European Recipes
          British Recipes
               English Recipes
               Scottish Recipes
               Welsh Recipes
               Ancient Recipes (Stone Age to Iron Age)
               Medieval Recipes
               Elizabethan Recipes
          Danish Recipes
          Estonian Recipes
          Finnish Recipes
          Icelandic Recipes
          Irish Recipes
          Latvian Recipes
          Lithuanian Recipes
          Norwegian Recipes
          Swedish Recipes

     Western European Recipes
          Austrian Recipes
          Belgian Recipes
          French Recipes
          German Recipes
          Lichtenstein Recipes
          Luxembourg Recipes
          The Netherlands Recipes
          Swiss Recipes
          Monagast Recipes

     Central European Recipes
          Austrian Recipes
          Czech Republic Recipes
          German Recipes
          Hungarian Recipes
          Lichtenstein Recipes
          Polish Recipes
          Slovakian Recipes
          Slovenian Recipes
          Swiss Recipes

     Eastern European Recipes
          Belarusian Recipes
          Bulgarian Recipes
          Czech Republic Recipes
          Hungarian Recipes
          Moldovan Recipes
          Polish Recipes
          Romanian Recipes
          Russian Recipes
          Slovakian Recipes
          Ukrainian Recipes

     Southern European Recipes
          Albanian Recipes
          Andorran Recipes
          Bosnian Recipes
          Croatian Recipes
          Greek Recipes
          Italian Recipes
               Ancient Roman Recipes
          Macedonian Recipes
          Maltese Recipes
          Montenegran Recipes
          Portuguese Recipes
          San Marino Recipes
          Serbian Recipes
          Slovenian Recipes
          Spanish Recipes

          Cypriot Recipes
          Turkish Recipes

The following recipes for special occasions also represent collections of European Recipes:

Easter Recipes
Halloween Recipes
Christmas Recipes

There are a few gaps in this list, but I hope to fill them shortly, making this the most comprehensive collection of European recipes on the web today.

This list is also incomplete without mentioning the: Botanical Index of Edible Plants, a list of plants that are edible, all linked to species and genus information.